Winterproof Your Home with Vernon Storage

Kal Lake Self Storage | October 27, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Winterproof Your Home with Vernon Storage

Winters in Canada can be long and cold. That's why it's important to prepare your home and yourself for the cold. That's why we created this simple guide about how to prepare your home for winter and how kal Lake Self Storage in Vernon can help you do so in less time. Follow these tips and you'll feel better than ever about the winter cold. 

Seal Gaps and Insulate

Gaps are one of your biggest enemies in the winter. Even a small gap in your wall, window or around your door can let lots of cold air into your home. Take the time to fill in as many gaps as you can find. You can fill gaps using caulk or spray foam.

Both of these tools allow you to make a weatherproof seal to protect your home, and they work to prevent animals and bugs from getting into your home as well. Consider putting storm windows and doors into self-storage in Vernon each year and adding those to your home for even more winter protection. 

Put Away Outdoor Items

When winter is nearing it's time to pack up your outdoor furniture, garden equipment, plants, grill and grill accessories, and all the other items you only use outside. These things won't be useful until it starts to warm up again. Putting away your outdoor items protects them from the elements and makes your yard look cleaner as well. 

Clean Chimneys and Prep Your Furnace

Another crucial step to prep for winter is to make sure any real fireplaces you have are in good condition and ready for use. You should do the same with your home's furnace. Have professionals clean your chimneys and get an HVAC expert to your house to evaluate your furnace and clean it for the upcoming season. Maintaining heat sources in your home before it gets cold out will help ensure that you're prepared for the winter when you'll need them most. 

Add Warm Accessories and Clothing and Shoe Storage

A quick and easy way to make your house more enjoyable during the winter is to invest in blankets, throw rugs, mats, and other warm accessories you can add to the rooms in your home. These items will make your house more enjoyable to be in when it's cold. Keep all these extra accessories packed away in storage in Vernon when you aren't using them, and you can take the items out when things get cold and you want a cozy environment once again. 

Consider Heat Tape

Another useful item to keep in Vernon self-storage for the winter is heat tape. Consider adding this accessory to the edges of your roof or around your gutters to keep your home from being overrun by ice. If your house typically suffers from ice dams and serious snow and ice pileups, you can easily put up heat tape to remedy the issue. Just be aware that heat tape requires an outdoor outlet to power it. 

Winter in BC is cold and long. Taking a few steps to prepare for the cold will make it much more manageable. Take measures to get ready for winter and you'll come to enjoy the cold months more as a result and let Kal Lake Self Storage help along the way.